The goal is that the program for Techstars Startup Week West Slope is created by the community through an open call for session ideas. Sessions can take many shapes: panels, skill-building workshops, interactive presentations, discussion-based roundtables, interviews, competitions, and more.

You can view the schedule and sessions here on Just create an account to login and pick your adventure.


There are four programmatic tracks – marketing & communications, growth, makers & producers,
and capital – plus the FUN! track and Basecamp.

The who, what, why, where, and how of branding, marketing, advertising, engagement, and public relations.
The verbal, written, and online connection between us.
Track Captain: Kayleen Cohen, Mtn. Dog Media

The stuff that gets you from here to there, from where you are to where you want to be. It’s strategy and business development to hiring the right team and creating a company culture to scaling and expanding your market.
Track Captain: Thea Chase

The how-to’s and do’s and don’ts of funding, financing, and investment. It’s all about the money…or is it? 
Track Captains: Bonnie Watson, Telluride Foundation – Marc Nager, Greater Colorado Venture Fund  
Jamie Finney, Startup Colorado

Interactive workshops that tackle fundamentals, how-to’s, and skills-building.

The manufacturers, builders, growers, and sewers of the west. Those working with their hands to those operating
high-tech machinery – all making something out of nothing.   
Track Captains: Nick Tinney, iC³ Engineering & GJ MakerSpace – Amanda Montgomery, Four Points Funding

Pretty straightforward – this is where we come together to enjoy each other’s company and the beautiful natural world we choose to call home. Social events and opportunities to play outdoors! 
Track Captain: Lexi Russell, ProVelocity


Located right off Main St. in downtown Grand Junction. FACTORY stands as a coworking community hub. A place to recharge, be social, dive into work and as always fuel up on coffee.

We’re located at 750 Main St. Drop in to gain more info, connect with the locals!


Here are example sessions that we would love to see come to life at Startup Week.

Marketing & Communications Track: Social Media Strategy for Startups – Hands on Workshop — a “lighting talk” followed by a hands-on workshop where participants can begin building their strategy.

Capital Track: VC vs. Bootstrap — panelists from each perspective discuss the many pros and cons to raising money and bootstrapping.

Growth Track: The growth tactics used by our fastest growing startups — a panel of the fastest growing tech companies talking about how they developed and executed growth strategies to scale their businesses.

Toolbox Track: How to Build an Effective and Cohesive Team Around you Based on Core Values — a one-person presentation using real-world stories

Makers & Producers: Natural Food Founder’s Forum — a storytelling format where “foodtrepreneurs” narrate their stories of trial, failure and ultimately, of success, concluding with a quick-fire q&A session with the panelists

FUN! Track: Breakfast Burritos + a Band at a Bar, a grab-n-go breakfast to wake up with music and friends

West Slope Startup Week in
your hometown

Host events in your town to activate the local community before we gather together in Grand Junction.

West Slope Startup Week in
Grand Junction

We’re calling our western neighbors to Grand Junction for three days of educational sessions, celebration, and play.

Interested in sponsoring West Slope Startup Week? We'd love to hear from you!


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