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Stay tuned with everything entrepreneurial on the Western Slope.

How one small business founder found WSSW 2019

Hi! My name is Kayleen Cohen and I’m the founder of Mtn. Dog Media. I started my small business almost eight years ago in Boulder, Colorado under the watchful eye of many of our region’s most legendary startup entrepreneurs. In 2017 I moved myself and my brand to...

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What is West Slope Startup Week?

Have you heard?! WSSW is coming to a town near you June 1-5, 2020!Coming at you from Steamboat Springs, this is Kayleen Cohen, founder of Mtn. Dog Media and Communications Track Captain for West Slope Startup Week.  WSSW brings together small business owners,...

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West Slope Secret Weapon: Ski Towns

Techstars founder, VC Brad Feld will share tips on building startup communities at June 6 West Slope Startup Week.Colorado’s ski towns may be Colorado’s secret weapon to building startup in the mountains, says longtime venture capitalist Brad Feld. The cofounder of...

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Need Risk Capital in the Mountains?

“We’re looking under every rock and we’re finding the coolest companies inside the most surprising places.”Uncover the Pros and Cons of Investments at West Slope Startup Week Up until recently, young Colorado mountain startups struggled to get their hands on “risk...

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Keynoting Techstars Startup Week West Slope 2019

"There are magical things going on all over Colorado, especially on the western slope." From June 5 to June 8, Techstars Startup Week West Slope will be happening on the western slope in Colorado, with the main event in Grand Junction. I’m doing a Keynote at on...

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Welcome to Techstars Startup Week West Slope

"What can you do to help our community’s growth?" Why West Slope Startup Week? We wanted to bring to light the riches of the western slope and the gritty resolve of the folks who live here. To celebrate our “slope” - a unique mix of communities nestled between...

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