West Slope Startup Week (WSSW) brings together entrepreneurs from across the region, creating a unique opportunity for concentrated networking, collaboration, and innovation. Now in its sixth year and second time hosted in the startup-friendly Durango, WSSW offers a rare chance for rural founders, innovators, and business leaders to exchange ideas in “real life.” 

This immersive week is more than just a conference; it’s a dynamic gathering of like-minded individuals eager to drive their ventures forward and build lasting relationships in a supportive, entrepreneurial ecosystem.

To make your West Slope Startup Week as enjoyable and seamless as possible, we’ve compiled a list of housing options in Durango. Whether you prefer a reserved campsite, an RV site, dispersed camping, or a cozy hotel room with a special discount for entrepreneurs, we’ve got you covered. Additionally, we’ve included links to larger Airbnbs with three or more rooms, perfect for those looking to share space and costs.

In the spirit of community, collaboration, and resource-sharing, we’ve set up tabs for House Sharing and Carpooling. Consider becoming a “House Captain” by booking an Airbnb and inviting others to join you. If you’re interested in staying in one of these shared spaces, simply sign up on the form provided. We recommend booking your accommodations as early as possible, as spots are filling up fast! Durango is busy this time of year, so we recommend booking early to get the best pricing.

These housing options have been compiled for you by Stay Loci. Stay Loci is a web-based marketplacemarket place thatwhich connects hosts and guests to furnished rentals of thirty days or more, helping to create more temporary housing opportunities for those traveling for work or working while they travel.  While you’ll wish that you could spend a full month with the amazing founders you meet at West Slope Startup Week, this week in Durango will have to suffice as a launching point for the start of many valuable friendships! The education and friendships formed at last year’s WSSW have been invaluable and carried me through this point in my journey!  

West Slope Startup Week West Slope Startup Week

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