A startup business cannot survive in a vacuum, it requires an elaborate network of resources and support to grow and thrive. Certain communities have done an excellent job of creating supportive ecosystems in which startup companies can launch, grow, and thrive. Areas like Silicon Valley in California or Boulder, Colorado are some of the best known startup ecosystems in the country. In recent years, Colorado’s community on the West Slope has risen to the challenge of supporting and nurturing early-stage and growth-stage startups. Support organizations have begun popping up throughout the region and larger companies are starting to take notice. So you might be wondering, how do you get involved in the west slope startup ecosystem and help support and be a part of this blossoming community?

Support for Startups:

If you’re considering launching a startup business or have an early-stage or growth-stage startup there are now dozens of local and regional resources at your disposal. A membership with your local chamber of commerce can help expose you to some of the resources available in your specific town. Many west slope towns are now also the home to coworking spaces where you can get work done while meeting other freelancers and entrepreneurs in your area. Business coaches, career coaches, and marketing consultants abound throughout the region to help you get started as well. “We are blessed in our region with some of the most successful entrepreneurs and business leaders of the world,” said regional entrepreneur Bryan Wachs of MySalesButler. “Take advantage of them. You could be their next project.”

Financial Resources for Local Entrepreneurs:

Colorado’s west slope is also blessed with several venture capital support groups that provide financial resources specifically for rural Colorado businesses. These organizations can help you get the capital you need to launch your business venture or to grow to the next level. A few of these organizations include Greenline Ventures, Greater Colorado Venture Fund, and Four Points Funding. Looking for capital right here, right now? Greater Colorado Venture Fund is now accepting applications for the 2021 Greater Colorado Pitch Series happening in conjunction with this year’s West Slope Startup Week.

Startup Colorado Connects Our Community:

No matter what your role is in the startup ecosystem, if you are an entrepreneur, an established business owner, or involved in a support organization in the region, be sure to join the Startup Colorado online community platform. From here you can connect with entrepreneurs and service providers all throughout the region, learn about upcoming virtual and in-person events, watch educational videos, listen to podcast episodes with local movers and shakers, and make crucial connections to help grow your business.

Join West Slope Startup Week:

Lastly, there’s no better way to get involved in the west slope startup community than by participating in West Slope Startup Week. Happening annually in July, this event brings together the movers and shakers from across the west slope. “Western Slope Startup Week allows anybody who works in a business, or who owns their own business, or is thinking of starting their own business to get mentorship, information, expert guidance, and a community of business people to communicate and network together.” Wachs said. “All this is free so you can explore different competencies and skill sets that make up a successful venture at your leisure.”

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