Blog post written by Kayleen Cohen, founder of Mtn. Dog Media and Communications Track Captain for West Slope Startup Week

With more than 70 events happening throughout the month of July, are you wondering how to navigate them all and plan your schedule? 

We’ve got you covered!

West Slope Startup Week events are organized into a variety of themed tracks. Follow specific tracks or mix-and-match sessions that sound the most interesting to you!

Follow Specific Themed Tracks

West Slope Startup Week events are organized into several themed tracks including Ag/Food, Capital, Communications, FUN!, Makers, People, Tech, and Toolbox. The Ag/Food Track will include growing food and culinary collaborations. The Capital track will cover small business and startup funding, financing, and investing. Communications track sessions will cover social media, marketing, public speaking, and more. The FUN! Track includes several book club meetings, podcast ponderings, virtual yoga, a comedy show, and a musical extravaganza. The Makers Track features sessions on design, branding, and community integration. People’s track sessions cover leadership, team building, and cultivating talent. The Tech track covers programmers, coders, designers, and the builders of tech. The Toolbox track includes interactive workshops that tackle fundamentals and skill-building.

Build a Custom Schedule with Individual Sessions

Regardless of your expertise, there are likely to be sessions across all of the tracks that appeal to you! Create a custom schedule in Sched by selecting the individual session that resonates with you and works within your schedule.  This platform makes it easy to browse sessions by time, category, and title. Click the session title to read an expanded description, learn more about the speakers, and view the number of registered participants.

 Mentor Office Hours

Meet one-on-one with a West Slope Startup Week mentor during Mentor Office Hours! Founders, executives, and leadership teams seeking assistance/guidance in 1) marketing2) finance/funding, and 3) business strategy can meet with seasoned mentors and subject matter experts for 30-minute virtual sessions. Offered Thursday 7/9, 7/16, 7/23, and 7/30 from 2 – 4pm. Space is limited so be sure to register in advance. Be prepared to discuss a specific topic with your mentor. Your mentor may contact you ahead of time to learn more about your unique situation.

 US Bank Workshop Series

West Slope Startup Week Title sponsor, US Bank, is offering a series of workshops as a part of this year’s virtual event. Topics include economic, SBA, and financial planning in today’s economy.

 Headline Events: Keynotes & CO Pitch Event

Of course, don’t miss our Headline Events! Keynote speakers include Governor Polis, Brad Feld, David Brown, Aaron DeRose, and Matt Vincent. The Governor will be discussing entrepreneurship, ecosystem building, and economic growth in rural Colorado. Brad Feld and David Brown are sharing stories from 15 years of building Techstars and Startup Communities together. Don’t miss the first-ever Greater Colorado Pitch Event. Companies will be pitching for $250K investment. Register to attend this event to watch the pitches live!

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