This is all the “extra” stuff beyond the sessions that will help you engage with your community and connect with other attendees. Everything from FUN! activities to preparation resources and tools to promote the month.


Join the virtual Book Club every Tuesday morning 8 – 9 AM, hosted by Brian Watson, Co-Founder of Proximity Space

July 7: Book Club #1

July 14: Book Club #2

July 21: Book Club #3

July 28: Book Club #4


Join the Podcast Ponderings Series Tuesday mornings 9 – 10 AM, hosted by Sheamus Croke, The Telluride Foundation

July 7: Distributed Work

Questioning the traditional office-space

July 21: Navigating the Work-Life Balance

How entrepreneurs and business owners still find time for fun away from their passion-project

July 28: Lessons from Risk Assessment

What can we learn from different approaches to risk-tolerance?

#194 – The New Future Of Work
Making Sense with Sam Harris Podcast

#247 – The Ultimate List of Virtual Team Building Activities
Collaboration Superpowers Podcast

Going Remote: Kids at Home
The ReWork Podcast

#19 – Work Life Balance
Startup Therapy Podcast

#8 – Finding Calm and Clarity in a Chaotic Mind
Featuring Jeff Kinsey from The Logos Group

Startup Colorado Poddcast

Rahaf Harfoush: how burnout makes us less creative
TED Talk

#292 – Lessons and Warnings From Successful Risk Takers
The Tim Ferris Show

#6 – Johnny Eaker left one of the largest in-house marketing agencies to work full-time on his video marketing company 
The Risk Big Podcast

Interview with Saras Sarasvathy
Big Think

Thursday, July 30 from 7:30 – 9:00 PM

West Slope Startup Week’s music initiative is to serve as a platform to highlight the the region’s incredible music scene, while raising needed funds for the many artists who have suffered financial hardships during the COVID-19 pandemic. This initiative will also serve as a vehicle to introduce a start-up in Grand Junction’s Creative’s Landing.


July 9: Comedy Show

Live-stream laughs right to your computer

July 14: Yoga Flow

A gentle flow to reduce stress and stretch it out

July 23: Trivia

It’s trivia, you know the drill


Check it out, we compiled creative assets to share within your community and handbooks to help you get the most out of the month.


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